In the Next Room or the vibrator play

Set in the 1880s, just after the advent of electricity, an era in which young ladies were raised to believe that sex was something to be endured not enjoyed, a revolutionary new “machine” is helping treat women with “hysteria.”

Forget Me Not

Almost 60, Gerry is going to meet his mother for the first time since he was three. His daughter Sally has had it up to here with him and his problems. The old lady lives somewhere in the UK, and so Gerry is going there to find out what made him who he is.

Other Desert Cities

An emotionally charged play about a family coming to terms with long held secrets expressed in funny and witty yet lacerating dialogue. The play’s events occur around Christmas Eve 2004, when the family of Polly and Lyman Wyeth gather in Palm Springs, California.

Pass the Butler

Set during Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in 1982, Pass the Butler is a political drawing room satire of the English upper crust that turns into a murder mystery as well as a soap opera parody.

Youth Season

Once again, Brighton Theatre Company will be offering an opportunity for the younger members of our community to participate in all aspects of the theatre.



Written by Jon Robin Baitz
Directed by George Werther

Former Republican Senator Lyman Wyeth and his wife Polly have it all: wealth, fame and a political legacy of real muscle. In the sun-drenched comfort of Palm Springs they welcome their family back home for Christmas for the first time in years. But when their daughter Brooke announces she’s written a tell-all memoir about the incident that changed their lives, Polly and Lyman are faced with a choice – either reveal a shocking secret that they have kept for decades, or risk exposure when the world reads their story. Spanning the international disasters of war, the bitter feuds of American politics, and the intricate and equally bitter dynamics of one family’s love and grief, Other Desert Cities is a scintillating and sharply observed dark comedy, with themes of depression, addiction, family and memory.

Director George Werther, in his Brighton Theatre Company debut, has brought together a talented cast that we are thrilled to have on our stage (some for the first time):

Brooke – Kylie Ryan
Polly – Venetia Macken
Silda – Julie Arnold
Lyman – John Lawrence
Trip – Sam Barson

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Dates:  16 August – 1 September 2018

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13 – 16 December 2018

Once again, Brighton Theatre Company will offer an opportunity for the younger members of our community to participate in all aspects of the theatre. We look forward to your support and we will keep you posted throughout the year. Bookings will be available later in 2018.

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