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Ways to contribute to your local theatre community

The Brighton Theatre Company is holding its AGM on Friday 28 June, and we have some exciting positions available on the Management Team for 2024 and beyond!

Artistic Director

Do you have an eye for what you think should be staged at Brighton Theatre Company? The Artistic Director sources and works with appointed directors in collaboration with the BTC play selection panel and the BTC Management Team to choose the amazing productions we stage at our Brighton Theatre. This is your opportunity to take the reins and help steer Brighton into the future. We are seeking someone with an enthusiasm for theatre but also an artistic and critical eye to take on this exciting role.

Download the role and function Statement here.

Staging Director

Do you love helping to bring all of the elements of a production together? Then perhaps this is the position for you. The role of the BTC Staging Director is to ensure that all practical production requirements are met for each production. For example, finding all the right crew and assisting directors with finding helpers for costume and props etc. They also liaise with the Membership Coordinator regarding the maintenance of our membership skills register.

Download the role and function Statement here.

 General Members

We really value the General Members of the Management Team at Brighton Theatre Company. They are the MT members who, in addition to helping run the company at management level, jump in and help out in a practical way when required.

To be eligible for any of these exciting roles you  do need to be a member of the company, so if you are not already join now in advance of our AGM, by submitting a membership form (which you can find here on our website) and paying  the small $10 fee for annual membership.

If you have any further questions about these roles, please email

Before you get involed…

Hear from some of BTC’s recent volunteers!


“Brighton Theatre Company fostered my love of theatre and allowed me to explore in a safe and caring environment. The team are always supportive of me trying new things, and are constantly searching for ways to make that happen”

– El Wood


“Helping my daughter cultivate her interest in the theatre, I found myself wondering what it would be like to be involved in the technical aspects of the theatre. I have found Brighton Theatre Company to be an inclusive and nurturing group, who have taught me everything I know about technical theatre. I am welcomed and supported in any new venture I wish to explore.”

– Tony Wood

“I love helping out in the crew, because I get to learn new skills, and what it takes to run a show. I get to work in a team of friendly people who also love the theatre like me!”

– Elise Hamilton

“Brighton Theatre Company has always been like a second home to me, getting the opportunities to work on stage and behind the scenes were such enjoyable experiences that taught me the reins in a supportive and exciting environment.”

– Jessica Ride

Become a BTC Member

Do you enjoy theatre? Want to get involved? Brighton Theatre Company welcomes new members. Simply download our membership form and send it to us via email or to PO Box 189, Brighton VIC 3186.

Help us with Front of House (FOH)

Helping with our FOH duties is one of the most satisfying ways to get involved. Enjoy catching up with other members and chatting to our patrons! To volunteer, contact us on 0439 069 479 or via email on

Audition for our shows

For further information on becoming involved as an actor and auditioning for our next production, please click here.

Before you get involed

 The Brighton Theatre Company’s vision is to be a company that provides an unprecedented level of community involvement, fellowship and social activity centered on our shared passion for the theatre. BTC is not merely a production house that outsources its shows to selected Directors who audition their casts.  Instead, we are part of and involved in the wider community, inclusive and accessible to everyone regardless of age and ability.  We encourage growth and development for all involved, leading to a sustainable company with a rich theatrical heritage to hand over to succeeding generations.

BTC has been stages four productions each year and the Play Reading Committee selects our plays from scripts submitted by its chosen Directors.  The company aims to produce a range of theatrical experiences from comedy to drama, by a wide variety of Australian and international playwrights.  Our Directors bring new ideas and a wealth of experience to the company.  Feedback from patrons is strongly encouraged, as we like to produce the kind of theatre that audiences enjoy, as well as giving our casts and crewmembers the opportunity to extend their creativity and further their technical skills.  BTC productions are always an entertaining night out, with highly enjoyable extras such as pre-show drinks and at interval.

You can be part of our community in two ways (or both!)

As a Subscriber:

BTC needs the audience participation so if you wish to be involved in this way and you would like to regularly book seats for our productions we welcome you as a BTC Subscriber.  Our Season 2024 Brochure is currently being built and will be available either on our website to download or you ring 0493 069 479 and we can email or post to you.

As a Member:

If you want to be more than an audience participant, BTC offers you to become a member and share in the experience of how season productions are created from the acting, directing, stage construction to backstage areas. All of our activities are designed with a view to including all of our members at one time or another.  A core benefit is therefore pride of association with the quality productions that BTC creates and the fellowship that comes from participation.

For an annual fee of $10.00 you can become involved in BTC, assist with the many activities listed below that are associated with putting on the production, learn new skills or develop existing ones, socialise, enjoy regular newsletters, join the BTC Facebook Group, as we welcome your feedback.  You can also be part of the audience with concession tickets, or why not organise a group of 15+ and enjoy even more discounted ticket prices.

All of our activities are designed with a view to including all of our members at one time or another.  A core benefit is therefore pride of association with the quality productions that BTC creates and the fellowship that comes from participation.

There are many activities open to you as a member of the Company and you don’t need any particular skill to participate in many of them, just a friendly, sociable outlook and a willingness to learn.  They include:

  • On-stage activities: Acting, Directing
  • Set painting
  • Stage management
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Technical: Lighting/sound design and operation
  • Working bees to take down the set (“set-breaks”)

Social Activities:

  • Assist with the set building (no experience necessary)
  • Social functions: annual events, monthly play readings, AGM and Awards night and Seasonal Launch Parties
  • Front of House: An opportunity to socialise with other members and vital to creating a positive experience with our company.
  • Regular Newsletters
  • Join the BTC Facebook Group

Either way – we love to hear from you.  BTC needs your local support.