Round and Round the Garden – by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed By Tim Scott


Information for prospective auditionees:

It is highly desirable that anyone wishing to audition should know the play well enough to be able to describe the “story”. 

Routine rehearsals will be 7.30–10.30pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and 2.00pm–6.00pm Sunday afternoons.

Actors need to be able to commit unconditionally not only for an entire performance season but also for all scheduled rehearsals at which their attendance is required.



Over the course of one weekend in the English country, Norman has a simple mission: to disrupt, inspire and make his extended family happy. Whether they like it or not.

He’s arranged to meet Annie, stuck at home and tired of looking after her cantankerous invalid mother, for an illicit weekend away. But there’s a hitch – Annie is the sister of Norman’s to-the-point and career-driven wife Ruth. And now their oblivious brother Reg and his controlling wife Sarah have arrived to help. Add the local vet Tom and the scene is set for one hell of a weekend.

.CHARACTERS (ages are indicative only)

  • Norman (playing late 30s): an assistant librarian by profession, he is the chief agent of havoc in the play; he wants to make everyone around him happy but doesn’t understand how to and sometimes behaves very childishly, with a tendency to over-dramatise; (“A real weed” – Annie; “dopey” – Sarah)
  • Tom (playing early 30s): very earnest, easily swayed by what others tell him and unwilling to assert himself; slow to follow what’s going on; struggles with small talk in social gatherings; is a vet (“Not exactly one for taking the plunge, is he” – Reg)
  • Sarah (playing late 30s): married to Reg, she can be bossy and impatient at times and tries to manage other people’s lives, preventing Annie’s planned getaway with Norman; practical at times but also somewhat needy, she craves attention from others (“a pain in the neck” – Ruth)
  • Annie (playing early 30s): younger sister to Reg and Ruth, there is a part of her that would love to be swept away in a romantic gesture by someone, but at the same time she is aware of the pitfalls of such a relationship; Tom thinks she is very open (“frank”) but she’s more complex than that
  • Reg (playing early/mid 40s): generally accepts Sarah’s superior control until something goes wrong and then loses it; enjoys watching the foolishness of others but reluctant to do anything to help the situation (“Reg, will you do something for once in your life” – Sarah)
  • Ruth (playing late 30s/early 40s): a high-powered executive in the finance world, wife to Norman; quick to laugh at the folly of others and to pass judgement; strong-minded; (“There’s nothing very easy about Ruth” – Norman)

All characters will require a Home Counties English accent


Sunday 4 September @ 5.00pm at the theatre

Monday 5 September @ 7.30pm at the theatre

If any call-backs are required, they will be held om Tuesday 6 September

Auditions by appointment only (see below)

  • Actors intending to audition should be at least 18 years of age
  • Format will be Group auditions. You will be asked to read one or more scenes from the play. The scenes will be provided at the audition. Be prepared to stay for a couple of hours if needed.
  • To register for an audition, please email the director ( In your email nominate the session that you wish to attend (see above) and include details of the part(s) that you are interested in auditioning for.
  • Each accepted applicant will be emailed an audition form to complete. It would be helpful if the completed form is emailed back prior to the audition
  • We request each auditionee include a named, recent photo (passport-size is ideal) in the email with your audition form, or when you attend the audition.
  • For queries, contact the Director: .

 A cast read-through will be held at 3.00pm on Sunday 11 September


11 – 26 November 2022

Evenings at 8pm, Matinees at 2.15pm


For inquiries and to book an audition time contact Director Tim Scott at